My take on Spiritual Awakening

My definition of a spiritual awakening lies somewhere between confidence and trust and a new knowledge of endless possibilities that will energize you to explore spirituality further. I have had multiple spiritual awakenings throughout my life but I think I was never ready for the responsibility that followed it. My most recent spiritual awakening happened at a time where I could fully embrace what was to come. Timing that was definitely outside of my control, but it was an unforgettable experience that changed something in me for good. Timing is everything, it really is… and newsflash this sort of timing aint’ on your watch!

Spiritual Debate

Spirituality is personal. That is something everyone can agree on. Yet, somehow people get lost in determining what is supposedly correct or incorrect. What is religious what is spiritual, what is acceptable according to whom and to what and so the arguments proceed… My opinion is that spirituality and religion are two completely different concepts that cannot be compared. Yes, they may come hand-in-hand as a dual practice but not everyone who is spiritual may follow a religion and visa-versa! But why should the details and unnecessary definitions be so important? When at the end of the day we can all agree that this is a personal practice for you alone to come to peace with.  Are these arguments perhaps excuses? Excuses for people who either have no experience or desire to explore their spirituality or who may be naive with ego protective behaviours playing out. I really want to encourage these individuals to do some soul-searching. It’s never too late to start. There is more to spirituality than a debate. I have laid out three simple steps to start the process:

Step 1: STOP judging yourself! There is no right or wrong! Dedicate this time to get to know yourself…. No one is watching!

Step 2: Start thinking about spirituality and what it could mean to you? Dig up memories from the past, maybe something other people have said that has resonated with you and research it! YouTube is incredible!

Step 3:  If you are feeling brave…Start to investigate ways to lessen dependence on your ego. Find what benefits this could bring about for your psyche, your soul and your overall well-being.

My Spiritual Awakening

“I will never forget the day I met Jesus in my dance.”

I was in my Expressive Movement training. Not completely convinced on the practice to be completely honest… However, I was loving the full days of dance and intense meditation with the gorgeous purple views of Jacaranda city. Until THAT dance! Nothing has ever been more clear for me! The words…. The feeling…. The gorgeous tears that began to dance down my cheeks… The smile I couldn’t fake…. The confidence… The support….The courage…. “Vixy. This is you… This is what you were born to do…. This is your path…. And one day you will lead a dance in prayer meeting!”- God.

As I journeyed deeper into the dance, memories of my dancing life from a little girl filled my soul and I expressed these memories through movement. I have never felt so purposeful… So confident, so energized… I knew exactly what I needed to do.  And from that moment forward I danced in relationship with GOD every time! In doing this my spirituality has grown beyond measure. I have surrendered all that I am to a bigger plan that has allowed for my practice to flourish and travel alongside me. LOOK AT ME! I am in the middle of frikken Thailand for heaven sakes! For those of you who don’t know… This big move was spirit breathed and I am following this journey in pure faith. Woah! (remember that responsibility I was so scared of… yeah well…this is it alright!)

You know what the sad thing is? I will still get ostracized for even speaking of this testimony by none other than Christians themselves due to the spiritual debate previously discussed.  But I don’t care! This is my PERSONAL SPIRITUAL JOURNEY! I have woken up! I have been so tapped in and have had endless possibilities present themselves to me because of it. I have never been more confident and trusting of something OTHER than myself and my ego! And that my friends is a spiritual awakening! Knowing that there is more to life than you and your little bubble, your life goals, plans and aspirations. You are part of a much much muuuuch bigger picture.

Let’s be conscious in all that we do going forward. By simply being more conscious, more aware of everything. This automatically changes the vibes we are willing to consume or reject, aiding to the overall human being we are aspiring to be. Spirituality is ever evolving, so are we as human beings. We can grow together both spiritually and consciously as a collective consciousness. There is a massive shift happening and no one can deny that! My dream is that this world experiences a collective awakening! There are people in my life that I wish for so badly to be spiritually awoken, but I know now, better than ever, that this is outside of our control… timing is everything… trust in their journey that has been set out for them and focus on your own journey instead.

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