Happiness is like a fingerprint. It is unique to each individual. Some people experience happiness in the form of relationships, others in the form of success. Some enjoy being cuddled up on the couch on a Friday evening with a book and a bowl of pop-corn “untempted” by the hustle and bustle of the night-life.

Happiness is a frequency. Frequency defined simply is a waveband of energy that is transmitted. Everything has a frequency, a dog, a rain cloud, a table, a human. Frequencies have an incredible capability to ebb and flow and influence each other creating wonderful natural patterns of energy. Don’t you think that is incredible? I thought as much and had to test the theory for myself.

The Experiment

I thought I would do a little experiment this month inspired by this new knowledge. I created a Dancefix session where I would encourage dancers to remember anything that their soul defined as happy in the hopes to experience a frequency shift. Oh wow and did I get a show! I watched the energy frequencies magically transform in-front of my eyes.  The dancers one by one began to brighten up. In one case a beaming, contagious smile. In another case a simple posture adjustment. Somehow the energy became so tangible it allowed for the patterns on the dancefloor to illuminate with such beauty, it brought a poignant lump to my throat. All dancers were beaming with joy by the end of the session and sparkling with exercise 😉 This proved to me that frequencies can in fact be influenced, expanded, explored and dissected. This suggests that energies are responsive and they have the capability to be played and danced with. This truly was a gift that the dance offered me as a facilitator and has ignited intrigue that I will continue to investigate into the future. The feedback from the dancers was in line with what I had experienced as a facilitator. As I said in the meditation, “Breath this frequency in like LIFE that will energize you outside of this sacred space”, everyone confirmed they had experienced a shift and were re-energized for the rest of their day to follow. Magic!

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that if you focus on anything it will attract itself to you. I honestly feel if you are surrounding yourself with negativity, or only looking at the negative in any situation you can become stuck within that negative frequency. But how cool is it, that we can change that frequency with a simple thought? There are tons of meditations available on YouTube around changing your negative perception and remembering what happiness feels and looks like to your being. I urge you to use your resources or come attend Dancefix this month to tap into that frequency level. So that you may equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding of that frequency to re-energize yourself when times do become a little gloomy. By simply changing your frequency of thought you will automatically change the frequency levels around. This includes influencing those around you positively even if it may be subconsciously on their behalf.

Seek happiness. Practice Happiness. Because it’s contagious!


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  • Florenza
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    Your onto somethng majestic Vixy ✨

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