My dream has always been to show people the magic of dance!- Vix

Dance is therapy, it heals, it beats, it breathes life into our bones, our minds and our future. The magic of conscious dance has proved to be therapeutic in nature over centuries of practice and is today an extraordinary healing space.

Dance encompasses movement of emotions and imagination working together in a combination of innocence and beauty allowing the mind to stop and allows the soul to reveal itself.

“On the dancefloor, I am me! Whether jamming in a social environment or clumsily stumbling in a ballet hall, the dancer I am, has always been part of my soul.”

Anyone is capable of breaking accepted boundaries to surface their authentic selves. I use the expressive movement practice as a medium to access this. Movement allows for energy-flow, self-fulfillment and improved well-being joined with an exquisite offering of vulnerability and the adventure of experiencing the unknown.

DanceFIX is the spiritual practice where you are allowed to be present within yourself in a conscious act of dance meditation as the first feature. The benefits of meditation and exercise allow you to journey with yourself in an effective wave of expressive movement. The second feature of this concept is characterised by a unique moment of re-centring through creative activities designed specifically to each of the themes danced.

Victoria Angel – Expressive Movement Facilitator & Honours Degree in Psychological Counselling

Jamie Peck -

``Creative strategies have been crafted to co-exist with urban problems... not to solve them``

Dancing with DanceFix

DanceFix can influence every part of your life.

Dancefix collaborates with other wellness activities. We create themes  designed to combine the perfect synergy between wellness and social interaction. So if you want to breakaway, to explore yourself through dance then join one of our retreats in beautiful peace.

Host Your own Dancefix 

If you have friends you would like to treat in an intimate setting of your own. I will plan a complete DanceFix session for you at home. Let me know, I will do the rest!

Corporate Wellness

Need a boost? Need some sunshine in your work space?  Let’s get those creative juices flowing… Take off them heals and ties! Relax! Smile! Take some time out for you! It’s time to reconnect, motivate and inspire your team! Who doesn’t love to dance? Use your Boardroom in a way it was never designed to be used, it will be an unforgettable experience.


DanceFix for kids and teens……… Let me take your children through a magical fun experience combining fun, laughter, peace and exersise through wonderfully expressive movement ways only children can…..  followed by creative activity where we bring it all together. Children and teens are expressive by nature, through wiggleFix we allow them space to highten that expressiveness in a wonderful peaceful and engaging process.

Never thought a dancing class would be for me but DanceFix is so much more, I was guided on a spiritual journey of self discovery and went home a stronger person .


Male - 29

“There’s actually no words to describe this magical experience. A space to completely let go and reset, as well as an overall incredible form of release and expression.”


Female - 25

“What an Incredible experience. What a treat to have that time for yourself , total abandon , I left feeling completely revived.”


Female - 52